Sunday Morning Formation

Share in Sunday morning groups at 10:00 a.m., between our two worship services.

We will be using the Narrative Lectionary (NL) to structure our readings each Sunday.  The NL is a four-year cycle of readings. On the Sundays from September through May each year the texts follow the sweep of the biblical story, from Creation through the early Christian church.  The texts show the breadth and variety of voices within Scripture. They invite people to hear the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Moses and the prophets, Jesus, and Paul. Listening to the many different voices within Scripture enriches preaching and the life of faith.
Beginning September 15, I will be preaching from texts drawn from the NL.  There is a wonderful opportunity for the congregation to dig deeper into the lessons from 10:05-10:45 every Sunday in the Sun Room.  Pat Baker has been hard at work over the summer, reading through the texts and studying an in-depth curriculum called “Living the Word” to prepare to lead discussion.  The guide includes a schedule for reading texts throughout the week.  This will make for a very productive Bible study, and offer us all to have rich conversations inspired by scripture.

LCPC Small Groups

Book Discussion

Seeking new and deeper knowledge of God’s presence and sharing the experience is the power of a book group.  An informal book group met throughout the year on Wednesday evenings enjoying a variety of titles.  Content and discussion gave way to impact worship, church vision and our very identity, such is the power of a book.

     Recent Book Discussions:

  • Topics on Privilege and Race:   Putting faith into action, letting the reality of a living God shape the course of our daily tasks, can be reasons why we call ourselves Christian. Faithful living sometimes asks hard questions, the spirit nudging, moving, provoking. More than political rhetoric or media hype, wrestling with racism and the truth of white privilege has deep implications for us all.  These are big topics that must be approached earnestly; with honest and vulnerable discussion.  Our book discussions have been just that.

The Confession of 1967 and The Confession of Belhar 

Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism – Drew G.I Hart

Facing Racism: A Vision of the Intercultural Community Antiracism Study Guide from the Presbyterian Mission Agency

  • Toxic Charity, How Churches and Charities Hurt Those Try Help – Robert Lupton
  • Chasing Francis, a pilgrim’s tale – Ian Morgan Cron
  • Laudato Si, On Care For Our Common Home – Pope Francis Encyclical Letter




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