LCPC was founded in 1928 in what was then known as the Village of Lyndhurst. Along the narrow lane brick road, now Mayfield Road, there was not a single church in the community.

Wishing to share the good news to all, Dr. George A. MacIntosh obtained permission to hold a church service in the Village Hall on April 22. Forty-five persons attended this service, after which the group decided to form the Lyndhurst Community Church. The congregation thus launched and would meet in the Village Hall for the next 12 years.

The days of meeting in the Village Hall were coming to an end.  The Sunday school had grown so large that classes were held in the jail and in the garage housing the fire engine. Land was purchased across the street for the new home of Lyndhurst Community Church.  After a time of consultation and discernment, the church became affiliated with the Presbyterian denomination on March 2, 1930. The name was changed to Lyndhurst Community Church (Presbyterian).

In the decades since, LCPC grew with its hometown.  The graceful spire and white colonial building  was dedicated November 16, 1941.  On September 24, 1950, Bloomfield Hall was dedicated. This is an activities center with rooms for meetings and Sunday school classes. It also hosts banquets, stage productions, concerts, and other programs.

In the years of the Lyndhurst boom, LCPC members, led by Mrs. Betty Henchel, boldly addressed the need for community child care.  The congregation responded with a new mission to build a community day care.  Today the Childhood Enrichment Center is a fixture in Lyndhurst and has provided safe quality child care for generations.

Community continues to be our middle name; our congregation believes this is a prized characteristic.  Community is expressed in how we care for one another as well as creative care and service to the neighborhood and local schools.

The faith we hold to is founded on the endless story of God's longing to draw people near. Living out faith in our modern world, the people of LCPC have cast a vision of God's work in the world. Our core values are touchstones of God with us and us with God. The words inspire all that we do. Behave Kindly, Worship Joyously, Learn Creatively, Care Constantly, Love Deeply, Dare Responsibly, Trust Radically, Live Gently, Forgive Freely, Serve Passionately, Accept Unconditionally and Go Boldly.

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