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  • The “E” Word

    What is your way of sharing the good news? What makes you an evangelical evangelist? It doesn’t matter what form your evangelism takes so long as it brings the love of God a little closer to our broken and suffering world

  • The Heresy of Christian Nationalism

    When the church absorbs the values of the culture and calls them Christian, it distorts the person and teaching of Jesus, and that is heresy.

  • Jesus and the Way to God

    When Jesus says, as he does in Luke’s gospel, that the realm of God is within us and among us, he’s saying that heaven – which is simply another name for the realm of God – is already here. It’s not “out there” waiting for us if we’re only good

Upcoming Events

24 Jul, 2024
28 Jul, 2024
31 Jul, 2024
04 Aug, 2024
Summer Book Study –
What to you do with an idea you can not get out of your imagination? How can you know when the idea needs nurture and may lead to something more? Can you trust your ideas?

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